First annual Bill Trampleasure Memorial Poetry Reading

The Bill background for webTrampleasure family invites you to the first annual Bill Trampleasure Memorial Poetry reading:

November 10, 2013, 2:45 – 4:15
Community Room, Main Branch Berkeley Public Library, 2090 Kitteredge St.

Bring your own poem, read your favorite of Bill’s poems, or just listen…

If you are a member of Facebook, you can see the event listed here (feel free to RSVP there if you desire).

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Scratch around for hope.
It’s there to be found –
in the starry roof of night,
in the fertile floor of ground.
Scratch around for hope.
It may be nearer than you think –
a phone to, or from, a friend,
a drink from the kitchen sink.
Scratch around for hope.
It’s mind boggling, I know
but even when you’re b1ue,
someone’s hope
may lie in you!

There’s something about a line of clothes no dryer can replace,
the smile of a rainbow wash across God’s white/blue face

Two letters about hills and mountains

The following are letters to the Berkeley Daily Gazette written by Bill in 1971, published in the “The open forum” section. (Information on Reverend Doug Smith’s Vietnam War Protest on Mt. Shasta can be found here.)

From the Mountain Top

(published August 20, 1971)

Tuesday morning I watched the sunrise from the summit of Mt. Shasta. I was with my friend Dough Smith, a man of peace. I had climbed Shasta on Monday, the 26th anniversary of the sunburst explosion over Nagasaki. I had climbed to be with Doug, to hug Doug, to support Doug. I had climbed to draw closer to my God and to myself. I had climbed because Shasta had begun to cast her spell over me since Doug had first shared with some of us his hopes and plans for the Shasta project. Finish Reading: Two letters about hills and mountains