Bill Trampleasure is my father. He writes great poetry, but doesn’t use computer technology (much). He gave me permission to post some of his poems, so here they are.

All poems are copyright Bill Trampleasure, but he allows people to freely re-print them in non-profit formats, as long as he is cited as the author (a letter to him informing him of the poem’s use is appreciated). For information about including his poems in profit-making ventures, please contact him.

If you want to reach Bill, send him a letter via “classic mail” at 1423 Acroft Ct.; Berkeley, CA 94702. His phone number is in the phone book (or you can find it in one of the online white pages). You cannot reach him via email, and he likes it that way.

This web site is created and maintaned by Lee Trampleaure (trampleasure.net/lee).

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